A first snippet taken from the book, Tesla Girl. More to Follow.

“I should leave, it would be so easy,” the stranger said aloud to no one but himself, yet he didn’t recall the words stemming from his own thoughts, they simply emerged. His voice struck him as being foreign and solid as it dispersed in rounds through the thin, high altitude air, echoed down the tunnel of tranquility, outside the crater bowl, into the vast ether. He also didn’t remember his voice being so loud especially compared to the whispered conversations that he spun within his head. He quickly shut his mouth fearing any words he voiced outside of his mind would radiate far and wide and reach the rewriter-of-fate, the one who had inadvertently put him in this space in the first place. He couldn’t let that happen, he’d been left in charge to safeguard the last stronghold on the Mirage Faustina, the place of places where the edge of life and death is razor thin, meeting but never meshing, and if the forever-and-ever-man pinpointed the source of his voice, uttering a hint of surrender, the signs of the girl with the electric eyes returning would not occur and the outcome for her and all remaining souls would be dire. This was not an option.